As a regular yoga-practicing person you may want to know about yoga mats for traveling. Due to you are supposed to go on a vacation.

Regardless of your vacation duration, as you hope to enjoy yoga while traveling, you might want to keep your yoga mat with you forever. Therefore, traveling with a yoga mat makes sense positively.

Unfortunately, most hotels haven’t enough scope to practice yoga. Eventually, you might not want to do it other than your own.

That is the reason you need to know the way of traveling with your yoga mat.

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Yoga Mat For Traveling– Things To Know While Traveling With A Yoga Mat

yoga mat for traveling
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  1. Buy A Yoga Mat

The first step to take invest some dollars to buy a yoga mat. Keep in mind that not all yoga mats are travel-friendly. Try to pick one that is lightweight, easy to carry, and of top quality.

  • Tip: Buy a yoga mat that comes with a strap or carries a bag.
  1. Keep The Bag With You As A Carry-On

You might be a frequent flyer, therefore you should know about the carry-on luggage limitation of the airlines. As the result, you might not be able to keep more than one carry-on with you.

Yet, a yoga mat is typically made up of as small as most airlines will allow it. However, this bag has enough space to keep your yoga mat. Subsequently, it also can contain your rapid necessary items.

  • Tip: keep your yoga mat unroll in the airport and hold it while the flight is delayed.
  1. Buy A Portable Knapsack

Make a little investment for your loving yoga mat. Buy a portable knapsack for traveling. See if there is a strap to keep the yoga mat- most of the knapsack comes with it.

Also, elastic bands should be with the knapsack or backpack to roll and tighten securely the yoga mat with it. Nowadays, most travel backpacks ended up with an extra feature like it.

  • Tip: Roll your yoga mat and attach it to the outer part, steadily.
  1. Practice A Foldaway Mat

Most of the yoga mats available in the market come with a rolling feature. But, it takes more space than you might think. Therefore, as a yoga lover who traveled frequently, like you, it could cause hassle due to more space-grabbing.

Be that as it may, this is good to buy a yoga mat that is featured a foldaway instead of a roll. There are plenty of yoga mats available in the market that you can buy at a reasonable price.

The foldaway types of yoga mats take very minimum space that can even be put in your carry-on bag. Or, you can store it in the overhead bin of the airplane you are traveling with.

  • Tip: Go for the lightweight yoga mat that is easy to fold.
  1. Shipping It To The Destination

This is one step further in thinking. You can advance shipping your yoga mat to the destination you are going to make the vacation. Yet, this is not any fecund thing to do. However, if you are moving or there have inadequate luggage-keeping options.

Besides this, if you do not want to carry your luggage by yourself, but rather want to ship it to the place you are going to, you can also ship your yoga mat with it.

  • Tip: Don’t worry, this won’t cost you more, instead of doing it with the airlines you are traveling- it will save you fewer dollars.
  1. Hold on OnTo It When Possible

Probably this is the best way, yet you may not be able to keep it with you due to the airline’s carry-on restrictions. However, if possible, carry it by yourself.

Most travelers who also practice yoga follow this trick. There are chances to lose your yoga mat caused of the frequently delayed flight. Moreover, lost luggage cases are increasing day by day horribly.

  • Tip: If you are traveling by air transport, never put it in the luggage cargo, rather carry on it.
  1. Situation Is All

True, this is a predictive factor to keep a yoga mat with yourself while traveling as you are a regular yoga-practicing person. The result, claims a pure concentration on how to place it into the store.

If you are traveling by plane, put it into the overhead bin vertically. It will save your yoga mat from being damaged.

On the other hand, if you put it horizontally into the bin, it will take up plenty of space. Eventually, there is a chance to put other passengers’ bags on your yoga mat. As a result, your yoga mat could be squeezed, or damaged.

Keep in mind, that when you are getting off or on the flight, make sure that you are keeping track of your mat if it is strapped outside your carry-on.

Because there are more chances to hit it into other passengers which may cause traveling awkward position for you. Relatively, it can damage your yoga mat.

  • Tip: Pay extra attention to carrying your loving yoga mat while traveling. 

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Final Words On Traveling With A Yoga Mat

True to be told that traveling is charming, however at the same time it is stressful also. Moreover, as a frequent traveler with practicing yoga individuals, it makes great nous for you.

Therefore, knowing a yoga mat for traveling is one the important learning for you. Practicing yoga is the best way to relieve any type of stress.

Travel also may cause some anxiety due to special reasons. As the result, traveling yoga may help you to make yourself out of anxiety and stress. And, traveling with yoga, or doing yoga while making an outing is not a difficult task to do.

However, unfortunately, if you think it is difficult to do- this fecund guide will help you to do it easily, ever you think.

Even, if you are a regular traveler, it’s no problem for you. Consequently, it is worth using your dedicated yoga mat to avoid any hygienic issues.

Use the yoga mat as mentioned above to get the best result on traveling with a yoga mat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my yoga mat on the plane?

Of course, you can bring your yoga mat with you while traveling by air unless it becomes as thick as couldn’t place in the overhead compartment of the plane.

Besides, there are so many yoga mat-carrying bags that comes with multiple pockets that can be used as carry-on bag. And, you also put your important travel documents inside them.

Can I use my yoga mat outside the home?

Yet, the outdoor environment especially the sounds doesn’t match with yoga nature other than a contained studio feature, however, you can use it while staying outside. You will like to use another yoga mat rather than the regular one for outdoor yoga adventures.

Here you need to find a yoga mat that won’t grab field grass stains easily. Subsequently, you can use one yoga mat that you don’t care either it gets dirt or become full of stains.

Can I use alcohol on my yoga mat?

Simply not. All time after use you will disinfect your yoga mat from oil, germs, and dirt or stains. You should be avoided using any type of cleaning ingredients containing alcohol due to it might induce allergic conditions in your skin.

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