Job With Traveling Involved : 30 Best Hint For You By Travelinner

A job with traveling involved globally might be the dream career for someone (maybe including you). Be that as it may, you may also already taking the tour on the web to get that.

Yet, couldn’t find or whatever you’ve found that is not as like as you are looking for. As a result, the job with travel involved becomes untouchable to you till now, right?

Therefore, how to make money when traveling- seems to be safe and sound for you, isn’t it? But, there are plenty of opportunities to make money while traveling- home side or abroad.

Travelinner took the opportunity and listed herewith some popular and well-paid jobs for you that involve traveling around the world.

Thus, it is a great chance to you to catch the dream and make it yours, forever or, as long as you want.

Job for traveling the world as it sounds great, however, also it is very possible for anyone to find and enjoy it.

And, sometimes to get that you, even need not be a graduate from university. It means you have the option to make your dream yours.

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Job With Traveling Involved


As I’ve mentioned early of starting, there are plenty of travel jobs that require international travel, and anyone can get that easily, even without any special education.

That is the main reason I’ve started a travel blog last year and I’ll turn it into a successful business blog in the future.

Yet, that is not the single most reason by which you can travel to earn money. Instead, many jobs are required to travel.

All of them are not well-paid, however. Many of those are require passion to work, commitment, training, and some talent also.

If any of these you don’t have inside you, then please this is not a job for you. Due to less payment, it might make you unhappy. However, for those, passion for travel doesn’t matter how much getting, welcome.

Apart from these, don’t think that a job with traveling involved is a magical show or, magic. On the off chance that there is not any magic that just makes travel and gets cash- please come out from the comfort thinking box.

Rather, to be a place liberated nomad takes tons of sacrifices, patients, and passion also. Subsequently, it might take several years that consists of huge hard works.

Unfortunately, most people ignore it, as an alternative, want an instant result. That’s the real challenge to be a digital or location self-governing nomad.

To find a job with travel involved, I’ve put questions to plenty of peoples. Most of them were positive and they strongly believed that travel with a job together is very possible.

But, unfortunately, a few of them sound possible, but not ready to invest too many times. It means they are dreaming in the daylight and sleeping in the fool’s heaven- sorry to say, yet it is true for them.

Ok, let me answer a question we all enjoy 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 7 days a week- how do you spend your time?

I know you can easily answer this, but let me clear it- it is the priority. You should priorities your work accomplished nicely as you wanted to do.

Jobs that require international travel

Traveling jobs with no experience is a great deal in fact. What is your priority- Backpacker, Digital Nomad, or Expat traveler, many options, however, the choice is yours. For your instance, I’m clarifying the above three types of traveling job options.


The backpacker, yet also named vagabond, is an, in fact, alternative job. To do so someone need not be a college graduate, or have any special degree.

However, it claims some specific knowledge with a pleasant approach that could grab the attention of people.

This is also a very commonly seen job especially, the performer, the instrumentalist, even many types of blue-collar labor.

Their pay is not ignorable, indeed. Also, seasonal farm labor, street vendors, artists are within this group. 

Digital Nomad

They are based on their laptop or smartphone or computer. These types of people are real location independent nomads. Be that as it may, they live on their computer, earn money from it.

Thus, the internet and other Wi-Fi facilities make great sense for them, they couldn’t live without it. Travel bloggers, even some other bloggers, also within this group. They travel with their laptop, and they don’t need to physically travel.

They can work in a coffee shop, in a garden, on any street-side bench, or somewhere else. They are truly location-independent travelers. However, travel blogging also is a job with traveling involved


Now, come to the last, yet not the least one, the Expat. Expat means expatriate- you are working in a foreign country, however, that is not your one.

You just get a handsome income and enjoy a different life, working there, it may be for long term or smaller time.

Many companies or government service holder, teachers, engineers, for instance, yet they are not exactly nomad or nomadic. But, Expat has closely related to jobs that require international travel. 

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In addition to the above three, there is also some portion to travel and earn cash, like a travel agency career.

This is basically a traditional job related to travel in the hospitality and tourism industry. Travel guide, travel agent officer, tour consultant, many of like these jobs.

A job with traveling involved

Job for traveling the world as I’ve listed herewith for you with various categories that might sounds you great. My opinion is, first hear to your soul, what is saying?

If it says for a safe and disciplined life with a handsome earning, go for the full-time traditional travel job.

On the other hand, if you want to be a real digital nomad, like me, don’t dare to care for the disciplined life with a 9 to 5 office for a hostile boss. Rather, by kicking-ass, just start a travel blog.

Keep in mind that not all jobs are suitable for everyone. For example, being a university graduate, you might not want to be a backpacker, or you may-I’m not going to be Judgemental, however telling the natural phenomenon.

30. Freelance Travel Writer

Image-Adobe Stock

This is the top priority job with traveling involved. Thus, a dream job for many people. Not all people only like to travel, rather they also love to write about whatever they have seen and experienced.

It has a dual effect- they find peace in mind as well as get the money.

Be that as it may, initially you have to gain some basic skill in writing, specific tone on a specific topic, readability, grammatical correctness, for example, and many things you have to learn.

After down all that then let’s give it a try to the travel magazines, websites, or some other places they work on it. Also, travel copywriting, traveling tips, travel guide with important information all are freelance travel writing options.

  • Working Example- It’s Me, who earns by travel writing.
  • Tentative Income Range- It depends on the length and natures of the writing matter, roughly $10-$150/1000 words.

 29. Travel Blogging

Image- Adobe Stock

This is the perfect job for those who love traveling, however, with getting money in wallet for living. Though it is not a job that could be done overnight, rather it is comparatively hard to do.

Consequently, it may take a few years. By the way, travel blogging doesn’t mean to write only on travel, instead of one another, like- food on travel, travel fashion, travel jewelry, and many more.

Mainly money will generate by Google ads, affiliates, influencing marketing, product selling, etc. The core thing is you create your audience to read your article by searching on the web.

  • Working Example- It’s again Me, who earns by travel blogging also.
  • Tentative Income Range- It depends on the various factors, yet, roughly $200-$1000/month.

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28. Teach English Online

Image- Adobe stock

This is also a job with traveling involved that makes money for you, however. It may not always directly be related to travel.

But, there is a chance to travel to your host/mother employer country. On the off chance that this is a digital traveling job.

There is a good demand for an online English teacher to teach it to the kids via videos, skype, or other media available. Many online teaching service providers need teachers, like you.

Also, if you have a TEFL certificate, that will be great to grab a good salaried online teaching job. Generally, classes are held around 30-45 minutes, 4 times/week.

  • Working Example- Many guys doing so, just take a tour online and find them. 
  • Tentative Income Range- $750-$2500/month.

 27. Online Translator

Image- Adobe Stock

Become an online translator, you need to know very well a second language. If you can speak, write, understand more than two, then it will be tremendous for you. However, this not an easy task to do.

Subsequently, there is much company always looking for people who can do the job perfectly, in fact, it has a huge opportunity. From the restaurant food menu to travel interpreters, or more, there is a countless chance for a translator. 

  • Working Example- Have a look at the online marketplaces, Upwork,  Fiverr, for instance, you can get an idea about it.  
  • Tentative Income Range- $30-$80/hour.

26. Teach English Abroad

Image- Adobe stock

Are you fluent in another language like English apart from your native one? If so, then you are the person that numerous organization is looking for. They are ready to give you a great salary.

Even, to do so you need not go there, rather you can do it from your place just with a laptop, or desktop computer. Normally they used to skype in this regard.

However, for this job you need a degree from college or university. In addition to that, a certification by TEFL certificate is a plus and it definitely will be added extra value to you.

  • Working Example- Take a tour online
  • Tentative Income Range- $1000-$2500/month.

 25. Freelance Massage Therapist

Getty Image

If you are a massage therapist and want to do a job with traveling involved, then you are in the right place. There is a huge demand for a freelance massage therapist in the job market.

Relatively, they are willing to pay a decent amount for it. This service you can give by being an entrepreneur also, or for a big company.

It remains the tourist keep away from expensive and physical effort-giving gym, yet, they feel a garden-fresh after having good massage therapy. Therefore, its demand increasing day by day- worldwide.

  • Working Example-Take a tour online and find them.
  • Tentative Income Range- $50-$200/daily.

24. Travel Photographer

Image- Adobe stock

If you are passionate to photography, then this job with traveling involved will make sense for you. For many people, be a professional photographer and sell their photos on the web is a dream.

Yet, it is such a job that might take a very long effort in it. There are many sites looking for great images for their stock.

You can take some good images that may attract them to buy. Also, many people- even me, could purchase your photo for numerous purposes.

Furthermore, if you are so experienced, then you can start the photography tutorial online, or sell lessons on photography- as many travelers doing. Travel Photography [10 Easy Ways To Improve]

  • Working Example- Just take a tour online with this keyword and find them for you.
  • Tentative Income Range- $750-$7500/monthly.

 23. Travel Videography

Getty Image

Traveling in different places and making videos of the places traveling to is another very easy answer to how to make money when traveling. There are so many people doing this job and living well as they are dreamed to do it.

So, why not you?

Give it a chance if you have strong knowledge of video editing,  networking. Many Youtuber traveled and making Youtube videos, then marketing in a vast way to get more viewers.

Remember, more view, more money, then more enjoyment.

  • Tentative Income Range- $750-$12000/monthly.

 22. Work On Cruise Ship

Image- Adobe Stock

This is the perfect Job for traveling the world. Working on a large cruise ship is a super dream for many individuals.

It is also one of the highly paid jobs related to traveling. This is one of the most attractive jobs that require international travel.

However, to get such types of jobs, you may have some extra educational background or any specific experience.

There are many cruise ships regularly appointing people they need with very decent payment.

Moreover, the most interesting thing is, this job will provide you full-time fooding with accommodation free of cost apart from your regular salary.

Eventually, few companies also provide plenty of time for on job paid vacation. Thus, it’s a great way to enjoy life while earning heavily, isn’t it?

  • Tentative Income Range- $1200-$5000/monthly. 

21. Tour Guide

Getty Image

If you searching for a job with traveling involved, then get prepared to be a tour guide.

This is one of the pure tour-related jobs that also enable you to get money. Being a tour guide, you need to know about each every real and funny thing about where you are traveling to.

There is much organization they often appoint tour guides, for local or maybe for international. A tour guide needs to be with a pleasant personality to make happy with travel guys.

Apart from the salary, you have the option to get huge tips as extra from travelers.

Therefore, many guys dreaming to be a tour guide (me also once upon a time, truly!) 7 Cheap Travel Places Waiting For You

  • Tentative Income Range- $1000-$7000/monthly.

 20. Working Holiday Visas

Image- Adobe Stock

This is a special visa that permitted someone to work in a foreign country for some time, it may be for a month, or more, depending on the employer & employee also. However, it is a very lucrative job indeed for people who dream of it.

A working holiday visa is generally aimed at the younger range from 18-30 years old. And, the visa requirements may vary from nation to nation.

The most popular destinations for this are, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, for instance.

 19. Traveling Yoga Instructor

Image- Adobe Stock

Another job with traveling involved yoga instructor enabled you to make money while touring the world.

However, keep in mind that yoga is a special type of exercise that requires plenty of training thus lots of time also.

If you feel that you are the right person who can do the job rightly unlike others, give it a chance. You can make contact with local and global hotels, gyms, or any other health service providers to sell your expertise.

Also, there are many people who wish to hire an individual yoga instructor with a high payment. Why not you take the chance of being a yoga expert?

 18. Travel Festival Work

Image- Adobe Stock

For this job, you just need some good connection with the festival arranger, or with a group, they used to manage it, or the host, that’s it.

Not any special expertise need here, it enables you to perform as a side role performer.

Maybe you will be a part of the group for a travel DJ party, or, ticket checker. Or stage arranger whatever it is, funny and money creating. 

 17. NGO Work/ Amity Worker

Image- Adobe Stock

Do for any local or international NGO or as an Amity worker is also a job with travel involved. Yet, unlike others, it requires a great deal of mental preparation due to it is a full-time job that might create some worse situations.

In addition to that, this is such work that is more likely volunteering than money-making. You may have to stay with such things that you are normally not used to. But, keep in mind, work for people is great to be a human.

Subsequently, it may not allow you to earn much, yet, you will be stronger than ever before as it is a challenging job mostly. Also, many international organizations are giving a good salary to deserving candidates.

  • Tentative Income Range- More or less $400-$1000/month+ accommodation and food may be included.
  • Source-

 16. Au Pair Traveling Jobs

Getty Image

This is also an aiding job that might allow you to get money with travel. An au pair suppose to take care of kids alone at home.

Besides this, they might have to take a part in the household works with the host for a while.

If you like kids, then this is the perfect one for you. It will gift you tons of fun time with foreign kids, a chance to learn another language, to teach your one to them while making cash.

Therefore, an au pair such a Job for traveling the world. Generally, accommodation with foods given by the employer apart from salary.

And, it is mostly more seen in the middle east and European countries. Relatively, the middle east pays more compare with others.

  • Tentative Income Range- $400-$1000/month+ accommodation and food may be included.
  • Source- Au Pair Guide

15. Street Performer

Image- Adobe Stock

This is also a job with traveling involved. Mixture with fun and mind-freshness that is also called entertaining.

Your extracurricular activities, music, playing guitar, acting, for instance, you can show in a busy street and get some cash from the tourist.

Many cities prerequisite appropriate permission to do so, get that before you start. Then, find a place that is full of foot movement.

Street performing such an item that gives you chances to turn your hobby into earning while traveling.

If you have any special talent, why not giving it a chance? Best Travel: 10 easy tips for you

14. Bartending Jobs abroad

Image- Adobe Stock

This is another job with travel involved there are tons of bar, night club, and many other amusement arrangements in the tourist-filled area.

Almost all required the same prerequisite for this job- the local language. Therefore, you might have to learn it.

Get ready to spend a few weeks or days learning the basic level to speak. This is such a job with very well demand in tourist places and the payment is also pretty good.

Relatively, the more you experience, get more. Plus, you don’t need any special college degree to do it.

13. Road Side Retailer Of Travelling Stuff

Getty Image

Be a retailer of traveling stuff to the tourist, is as fun-gaining as money-making also. Plenty of people doing this and taking the taste of life.

On the off chance that it is not just selling something, rather it’s an art to convert your ideas into others.

If you are pretty good to make some handicrafts, jewelry, or other fashion stuff, so why not are you selling it?

Besides this, many pictures, postcards, souvenirs, antics, that normally attracts tourist, you may sell it takes from the wholesaler.

To be very honest, this is a common job with traveling involved in the tourist area worldwide. It doesn’t require you any fixed place to set up, instead, it allows you to move away from the place to the place you like to.

However, if you wish to be set in a fixed place, possible. Eventually, some cities require appropriate permission for this, check it before you start.

 12. Traveling Nurse

Image- Adobe Stock

Are you a good human being? Huh, you may, I’m sure! Be that as it may, you can help the human being a nurse.

It will pay you decent and also enable you to travel abroad. Yet, you may have to take a nursing degree from any recognized organization.

For those, who are seeking how to make money when traveling, traveling nurses create a chance for them.

Initially, you might have a temporary appointment, however, after a period, you will get a permanent job based on your performance.

There are tons of multinational NGOs, company and other government or non-government organizations that often seek travel nurses.

Just keep your eye-ball on the related job portal. Traveling nurses are well-paid and the more you expert, the more earning ensured.

 11. Work At Backpacker Hostel  Monetize Your Blog: 4 Easy Ways For You

Getty Image

This is a short-term job with traveling involved. Voyagers are frequently hired by the backpacker hostels on a contract basis.

The job nature may vary from the tour guide, front desk, room service, restaurant crew, for instance, and others.

Many positions often being available special during the tourist season in a tourist area.

There is no need to be with any special education degree normally, however, some of the positions may require it. Thus, it could be the perfect Job for traveling the world.

In addition to that, if you want to make it for a longer period, you can. Payment is not bad with free accommodation and in some cases, food also. This is the pure match for backpacker travelers.

 10. Scuba Diving Trainer

Getty Image

This is undoubtedly a special skilled job with traveling involved. To do this job, firstly you need to be trained in scuba diving.

You need also be brave-hearted for this one due to it requires to go almost deep in water, whatever the sea or river.

For many people, while on travel, scuba diving is the single most amusement, thus it has a great demand.

From Tahiti to the Maldives, or Bora Bora to St. Lucia, wherever is it, claims great pleasure to the voyagers.

Honestly saying, few people just aim to scuba diving while traveling. Moreover, it is very well paid among all the jobs that require international traveling. 

No one expert scuba divers are passing an ideal time, never. Instead, they travel very frequently around the world through the year-long and get money to teach it properly. Some certificates on it could also make you more potential.

 9. Yacht Sailing Job

Getty Image

Another awesome job with traveling involved. Just dream- you are sailing the world with tons of rich people, how is that? Great, isn’t it? Indeed, it is a great chance to having money with traveling and enjoy living with numerous mysterious locations worldwide.

Moderately, fooding with accommodation is always covered free of cost, therefore, it enables you to save cash also.

Yet, it might require some special training on sailing, not any hard to do for you as there are so many companies offering good training.

Subsequently, starting might not be so impressive as you are a beginner, however, after some experience, it will make you happy. On the off chance that all jobs with traveling involved, this is the topmost one, surely.

 8. Work On Board As A Flight Attendant

Image- Adobe stock

What do you think- how is the life of an airline crew? Are you dreaming so? On the off chance that this is the perfect job with traveling involved.

And, unquestionably it is a glamorous life that dreams most of the younger, regardless of boys or girls.

Constantly touring around the world with landing numerous places, getting up to 90% discount on air tickets- might be the best way of life-enjoyment.

In addition to that, they also entitled to get a huge discount for accommodation, food, and so on.

Now, come to the payment they get, it’s just amazing! Thus, if you are dreaming so, get ready for a tight training that might let you for almost a year, due to touch the cloud, it is not enough to pay, isn’t it?

 7. Seasonal Travel Jobs

Image- Adobe stock

Apart from the above-listed jobs with the traveling involved category, there is another job that could be done by the travelers. And, many travelers do that as a seasonal job. It is just countless amount, you need to find them.

The jobs are included, but not limited to the teacher, construction helper, fishing helper, ski helping staff, resort worker, and many more. Consequently, payment is some time, not very impressive, however, not worst at all.

Many people doing this due to they don’t want to waste their ideal time, rather get some money for future travel. You may be one of them if you want to be. Not any special degree required for it.

6. Surfing instructor

Image- Adobe Stock

Unlike any seasonal jobs that require international traveling, the surfing instructor makes something different sense due to its demand. It is also a job like a scuba diving instructor, deference is it is over the sea, not inner.

Subsequently, also it’s great to have any special training on it, yet not mandatory. You need to be stronger mentally physically also.

It is all about battling against the waves, thus, training with technics can make the difference.

Though surfing is not well paid as scuba diving, however, it is one of the inseparable parts of travel. As a result, in the tourist pick-zone, special with the sea-adjacent areas, surfing almost a common funny game.

 5. Be An WWOOFing

Getty Image

This is something that makes a difference for budget travelers. On the off chance that it created the chance to travel, however with low-cost and saving money. This is a real go-for-work-and-travel job that started long ago.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunity On Organic Farms. WWOOF enables you to work for an organic plantation, instead, they, the farm owner, will arrange your accommodation with fooding without any cost.

You may need to work for 30 to 40 hours a week.

 Keep in mind, you won’t be paid, however, by doing this job, you can save your accommodation and fooding cost. There are plenty of farms offering WWOOF jobs worldwide, just pick the right one place you like to go.

  • Working Example- Have a look at WWOOF’s site. 
  • Tentative Income Range- Only foods and accommodation.
  • Source

 4. Travel Agent

Getty Image

What is a travel agent do? They sell vacations to travelers. As they are experienced and have connected with numerous hotels, airlines with many other related services, they can pursue it for their profit.

Being a travel agent, you can do so. You have two options- either work for any travel agency as a consultant or tour guide or be an entrepreneur and start a business. Holiday making is very popular and day by day increasing business.

Whatever you do, you must have to know lots of regarding travel-related activities that also true for where you going to visit. Therefore, a travel agent needs to extensively travel in tons of places.

 3. Timeshare Selling      Super 10 Pet-Friendly Hotels In Las Vegas 

Getty Image

Are you a good salesperson? Can you sell ice cream to the Eskimo? If so, then this is the job with traveling involved is perfect for you. Timeshare selling company looking for such a great salesperson like you.

Many overseas companies selling it by appointing a salesperson who can make the bridge between the tourist and the company.

To do so, you need to be very intelligent, proactive, and well conversant with good knowledge of the hotel you going to sell.

Thing is- people will book in advance for a hotel or tourist spot they supposed to go to for a while they want to. You will manage the customer, make the deal finale, and send data to the author to confirm.

In response to that, they will give you a commission. They also may allow you to come with the guests as a guide.

  • Working Example- Take a tour on the related web with this keyword.
  • Tentative Income Range- May vary from deal to deal.
  • Source– Timeshare sales job-

 2. Professional Chef

Getty Image

Do you love to cook? Have you ever cooks anything, like any restaurant item? If both statements are true, then the professional Chef job might be waiting for you, as you love to travel too.

Because this is also such a job with travel involved.  However, for this, you may need an extra degree in cooking.

International hotels often circulate regarding chefs for their numerous guests. It is as well paid as fun making also. People will enjoy the foods that you made, awesome, right?

For a professional chef, there are many options to work, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, another big food shop, for instance.

Many of these are temporary, however also permanent jobs available for many big hotels. Generally, food and lodging free with well paid.

 1. Boat Delivery

Getty Image

It makes a great chance to do the job with the traveling involved. Yet, for a newbie, it seems hard to do, as it requires vast experience on the seas, however, possible.

Subsequently, it’s almost a well-paid job with free lodging and food, so that chances to save money too.

This job requires to go far via the high tide seas, even maybe through seven seas, to deliver the boat. Thus, you have the option to see all the seven seas with their surrounding cities, cultures, and many more.

Additionally, this is a job that might make some clear differences from others, as it is comparatively unsafe.

However, if your goal is to find a job for traveling the world with getting money, thus it may be one of the best options for you.

Did you find your dream job with traveling involved

On the off chance that there are tons of jobs that require international traveling within your range. Subsequently, most of them require some prior skill.

Yet, there are also many jobs you can start without any experience, however, with lower-paid.

Moderately, most of the remote job for traveling the world claims some commitment and experience. Keep in mind, if all jobs are easy to do, then everybody will want to do it. Relatively, payment will be down. 

How to make money when traveling often gets long times to materialized. Furthermore, it demands unthinkable struggle and costs for the long term that might not understand the regular person who is apart from this. 

However, if they start the same journey for them, they will realize it.

This article is for those people who dream to get a job with traveling involved. It is true, but for that, they must have to do hard work.

Otherwise, they will be sleeping in the fool’s heaven, if they think it will come itself to them.

Nothing comes itself, rather we have to make it comes, like me, I’m running a travel blog for a living, but it doesn’t mean that it has happened overnight. Instead of that, I had to hard work for a long time.

A Job with traveling involved, not anything that is impossible, rather very much possible. I hope, this article will help you to find the dream job that you deserve.

Therefore, you will be able to do jobs that require international traveling. 

Finale thought on the job with travel involved

Whatever I’ve included herewith at the above is not limited to. Rather, apart from these, there are also plenty of jobs that require travel frequently.

Moreover, not necessary to all travel to be physical. But some jobs require virtual traveling also.

That is the reason behind I’m listing herewith some more jobs title that also makes you travel the world.

Foreign Provision Travel Jobs.

Professional Travel Advisor.

Day-to-day Stock Exchange.

Place Register On Airbnb.

Online Cybernetic Associate.

Internet Poker.

Far-off Work & Telecommunication.

Traveler Computer Programmer.


Freelance Travel Marketing.

How does this article sound to you? Is this sound great? Are you feeling hot by knowing about plenty of ways of how to make money when traveling? 

If so, then why not you giving a chance for yourself?

Please don’t forget to share it with your related connections.

Thank You Very Much.


What is the aim of life? As a typical Bangladeshi by born, it was very simple to set the goal; a good salaried job, maybe! However, what is the twist? It's insight me, really, feeling something missing. Therefore, Travelinner makes sense to me. As I'm very passionate about travel, writing, and photography. So, it seems Travelinner is the right way to travel with blogging. Travelinner is the place where people, like you, find Enrich Enjoyment, Unlimited Motivation to Live, Perfect Inspiration to Love, Pure Natural Peace, Mind-Blowing Experience, and Extreme Adventure. Happy traveling. Shakhawat.

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